What is most synonymous with Kenya are the Savannah Safaris yet it’s interesting how Kenya, a rich cultural pot is a beloved contrast.

Did we confuse you? Let’s break it down. Deserts and alpine snows; the exciting metropolis of Nairobi and colourful tribal cultures; forest and open plains, freshwater lakes and coral reefs are contrasted which rarely ever mix, but Kenya achieves this so effortlessly that is little wonder it is called a country of extremes and classic contrasts.


Kenya’s topography is stunning. Is it the calderas and mountain ranges, the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya, or the Great Rift Valley and its dense forest that divides the country, maybe it’s the obsidian caves of the Hell’s Gate National Park, maybe it’s just the magic of this evocative country but memories made in Kenya are ebbed into the mind forever.

There is no talking about Kenya though without mentioning its people and the 42 tribes with the Maasai being the most popular of them all and with a reputation for being warriors and their customary red garments and exotic beaded jewellery are well recognised worldwide.