Zanzibar; derived from the Persian word Zang-bâr which means “black coast”, is an archipelago made up of Pemba Islands, Zanzibar and several islets. It was once ruled by the Portuguese empire around 1503 before it was gradually taken by the Arab settlers in the sixteenth century who went on to create one of the largest spices, ivory and slavery export in the world prior to the colonization by the British. The historic Stone Town is said to be the only functioning ancient town in East Africa.

Zanzibar typically is a mixture of picture-perfect beaches and reefs, distinct architecture, buzzing wildlife and rich spice culture. There really is little to doubt that Zanzibar is the Jewel of Tanzania.


Zanzibar has two official languages; Kiswahili and English. Most of the islanders are English speakers, although many of them also have knowledge of Italian and Arabic. This is another example of Zanzibar’s cultural diversity.