Who We Are

We are a tourism promotion company specializing in Educational, family and group tours within and outside Nigeria.

Our Mission

We aim to inspire Nigerians to travel within and outside this country, to explore the vast rich cultural and geographical heritage of our country and any other country we go, while having fun and also learning something new.

Mrs. Ololade Okorie

(The Principal Consultant)

Enhanced Travel And Tours

Sometimes we always assume that taking a holiday is an expensive venture, we also forget that a falling health, stressed life will eventually be more expensive to manage.

“If you can’t go abroad go across ” that’s new slogan. If you are in Nigeria, have you visited your neighbours in Benin Republic, Togo and Ghana to mention a few. Buses and flights leave daily.

Spend a few days away from your usual routine let someone else think for you, relax and comeback refreshed.

If The abroad is your thing, what determines where you go-  free accommodation and food with family and friends or real adventure to see and experience new things.

On one of my school trips, I asked a child whose passport was loaded with good visas ( you gerrit) what interesting places did you visit on your trips, he said they just went shopping, played video games with relatives and generally hangout. I was stunned, in every country and city there are free and even cheap sites for kids and even adults.

In the coming weeks we will be sharing our personal experiences on people and places of countries we have visited with our groups or individuals. Stay tuned.

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