Home of ancient Pharaohs, temples, tombs, pyramids, desert, and ancient civilization. The monuments and the culture are a huge reason many are so intrigued to visit the place themselves. You’ve most likely watched shows, movies, documentaries about Egypt, which shows the interesting places, artefacts, and mummies. A place where Pharaohs, Egyptian Kings, and Queens once ruled.

The urban part of the national culture is most apparent in the two major cities: Cairo and Alexandria. The architecture and design of Cairo reflect the various eras of its history. The modern city centre was built in the nineteenth century and was modelled after Paris. Little wonder tourists never seem to get enough of this town.

Even all this rich ancient history would become boring without a proper balance of sightseeing and excitement. This is where Egypt excels, the ancient history is perfectly blended with unlimited tracts of deserts, awesome scuba diving, pyramids, temples, and the famed Nile River. There really is something here for everyone to see